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no rolling. no cursing. just mobility.

Enjoy a deep tissue massage any time, no appointment needed. Your own body weight applies the perfect pressure to relax tight muscles, while stretching the muscles and fascia that restrict movement. Unlike a foam roller, the Renewdles® are contoured to massage around the joints, in multiple locations at once and no rolling is required. Muscles release faster and easier in this relaxed state. Once positioned, your tight areas will feel slightly uncomfortable, but not unbearable. If you do not feel anything, shift the Renewdle® an inch or two, up or down to find the tense areas. Relax, breathe and give each location several minutes to release. When you feel relief, it is time to move up or down slightly in the surrounding area. The “V” center of the Renewdle® is the most intense and the ends can be used for spot release.

Make mobility your priority, along with nutrition, it forms the foundation of all great human performance. 

Disclaimer: Consult your healthcare provider before starting any fitness program. Results may vary. Made in the USA. Patents US D649,253 S and US D657,468 S