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I have a foam roller, why do I need Renewdles?
Foam rollers are great to warm up your muscles before a workout, but for that deep myofascial massage between the bones + around the joints... you need a Renewdle.
Do I move on it?
Just relax, you will feel your body respond so much as you melt into the Renewdles. Tension releases faster, and more comfortably in a relaxed state. If you feel the need to move in certain positions, feel free. Just do what feels good.
How long should I lie on the Renewdles?
In the beginning, its not unusal to spend 30 minutes per side in the side lying position. Find all the barriers and melt into them. Remember, you’ve put your body through years of hard workouts + repetitious movements like sitting. After the first week of putting in some time, you will undo years of tension, knots and unhealthy tissue. From then on, you will only be working out that week of workouts or repetitve movements, rather than years.  You can maintain your newly found mobility with just one or two 20 minute sessions per week.
My hips bother me, which position should I do?
Your fascia is all connected so you should do all the positions, but we suggest spending most of your time in the side lying position. Really dig into those hips, working all around the joint. We store a lot of tension in our hips.
My back hurts, which position should I do?
If your back hurts, your hips are tight, whether you know it or not. Spend a lot of time in the side lying position before placing the Renewdle behind your back. Sit on the Renewdle to release your glutes. The front + back of your thighs are probably tight too, contributing to your low back pain. Again, all the positions are important for the overall health of you tissues.
My knees ache, which position should I do?
Once again, spend a lot of time in side lying, eventually moving the Renewdle down the outer leg on your IT band. Tight quadriceps are also a big contributor to knee pain, so melt you quads into the Renewdle.
My shoulders are tight, which position should I do?
Again, side-lying and lean forward and backward as the muscles release under the arm. You are also releasing the ribs in side lying, which help prevent shoulder restrictions. The chest opener with the Renewdle under your upper back is also important.
Why two at a time?
The two different size Renewdles in combination create a greater release, especially when you are pulling + stretching the muscles in the side lying position. You receive both size Renewdles with your purchase.
Who should Renewdle?
Anyone who can receive a massage. Renewdling takes very little effort and is great for older indiviuals as well.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.