Pam's Story

  Meet Pam Held, owner and creator of the Renewdles®. At the age of 13, pam was hit by a car while riding her horse, thrown 30 feet and her shoulder was in the center of her chest. Pam's horse, Cindy, survived the impact, rolled over the car and shattered the windshield. This photo of her horse shoe says it all. Pam lived with chronic pain for over 40 years. Her mother was a nurse and Pam always had a passion for helping people. She became a massage therapist and spent the last decade, designing, researching and applying the Renewdlesin her practice. Now at 73 years young, she is changing the way people can care for their bodies.


Bone is 5x stronger than steel by weight, but it's our fascia that acts as the shock absorber that protects us from injury. It structures our insides and if it wasn't for our fascia, we would be a pile of bones on the floor. Overtime our fascia can become rigid and dry from repetitive postures, injuries and lack of mobility. The Renewdles® help relieve pain and keep our fascia bendy, bouncy and resilient.