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This self treatment is changing the way we can care for our bodies.

"As a doctor of orthopedic physical therapy, I recommend the Renewdle® in my practice and seminars. It is one of the best products to promote flexibility, balance and release painful muscle tension."

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You can Renewdle in your chair at work, in your bed, in your car, on the floor...

how-to videos

"I use the Renewdles every night so that I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, not stiff and sore."

Mariel Hemingway - Actress

"My hips are super tight from years of weightlifting. The Renewdles work great to release the tight fascia in my hips."

Laura London - Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP), holistic weight loss coach & fitness specialist

"I absolutely love my Renewdles. I think what I like the most is targeting the fascia from 2 points at the same time."

Isabel De Los Rios - Certified nutritionalist, exercise specialist , best-selling author and co-founder of Beyond Diet

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